Monday, February 09, 2015

Joanne Woodward Got One of the First Stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame 55 Years Ago

Fifty–five years ago today, the official groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The first star to be dedicated on the popular tourist destination belonged to Joanne Woodward, Academy Award winner for "The Three Faces of Eve."

Well, actually, that is what is said, but it isn't really true. Woodward was one of eight people who originally had stars on the Walk of Fame. The first star placed on the walk was for director Stanley Kramer. Nothing special should be read into that. It is my understanding that a block of more than 1,500 stars was designated, and Kramer's was merely the first to be created. Woodward was the first to pose with her star, though, which is located on Hollywood Boulevard.

Woodward's late husband, actor Paul Newman, is on the Walk of Fame, too.

It is my understanding that more than 2,500 stars are on the Walk of Fame now. Not all of them belong to movie stars, of course. Some are entertainers from TV, others from radio, still others from recorded music and/or the theater. Some, like Gene Autry, had multiple stars along the walk.

And there are special stars awarded to those who have distinguished themselves in other fields — for example, the crew of Apollo 11, the first mission to the moon, and boxer Muhammad Ali.

Former movie star Ronald Reagan is the only U.S. president on the Walk of Fame.