Saturday, January 29, 2011

TCM's Salute to Oscar Returns

It's an annual pleasure of mine, Turner Classic Movies' "31 Days of Oscar" salute.

And I know it's a pleasure for many of my readers — who probably don't need this reminder, but I'm going to mention it, anyway.

"31 Days of Oscar" returns on Tuesday.

I've been looking at the schedule, eagerly anticipating some of the movies that are planned — and I'll be writing about them in more detail in the weeks ahead.

For now, though, I'll just mention that the salute appears to be starting with an evening of films about the reign of Henry VIII.
  • At 7 p.m. (Central), you can see the great Charles Laughton in 1933's "The Private Life of Henry VIII,"

  • At 9 p.m., you can see 1966's "A Man For All Seasons" starring Paul Scofield — which was nominated for eight Oscars (and won six, including "Best Picture") — and

  • At 11:15 p.m., you can see Richard Burton in 1969's "Anne of the Thousand Days" — which was nominated for 10 Oscars.
If you happen to be home on Tuesday, there are lots of other good films scheduled — the original "Thin Man" will be shown that morning, followed by "Citizen Kane," followed by Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator," followed by Sir Laurence Olivier in "Richard III."

But you could say that about each of the 31 days. There will always be something good showing. It's the very best time of the year to watch TCM — in my opinion, anyway.

I'll be back periodically to alert you to movies I wouldn't want you to miss, but, in the meantime ...