Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Teensy ... Or Was It Weensy ... Dies

You probably aren't familiar with the name of Marilyn Borden. But she and her twin sister, Rosalyn, played "Teensy" and "Weensy," the twin daughters of a country sheriff in an episode from the fourth season of "I Love Lucy."

"They're as alike as two peas in a pod," said co–star Tennessee Ernie Ford of the two plump 22–year–olds. "Or two watermelons in a patch."

Rosalyn died in 2003.

And today, Marilyn died, at the age of 76, in Modesto, Calif. She was the last surviving cast member of that "I Love Lucy" episode from 1955.

The "Borden Twins," as they were known professionally, had a fairly successful career. Always supporting players, they appeared with several famous performers — Lucille Ball, of course, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Andy Williams, Sammy Davis Jr., Jimmy Durante, Bea Arthur and Bob Newhart.

And, by the way, says Marilyn was "Teensy." I guess Desilu must have cast them alphabetically!