Friday, June 24, 2011

Peter Falk Dies

It was ironic that I made the observation this week that yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the theatrical release of "Murder By Death."

Ironic because one of the stars of that movie, Peter Falk, died yesterday.

Many of his co–stars in that movie — Peter Sellers, Alec Guinness, David Niven, Elsa Lanchester, Truman Capote, Nancy Walker, James Coco, Estelle Winwood — have been gone for years so it is hardly a new experience to lose a member of that cast.

Nor is it surprising to lose someone who is in his 80s.

Nevertheless, I am saddened — mostly at the loss of another piece of my youth.

I imagine a lot of people feel that way.

I wouldn't say that Columbo — without a doubt Falk's signature TV series and role — was my favorite show, but it was one of my father's favorites, and I often watched it with him.

And I'm sure that anyone who ever watched the show would instantly recognize his trademark phrase ... "Sorry to bother you, but just one more thing ..."

He's been out of the spotlight (I almost said "public eye," which, given the fact that one of his eyes was removed when he was small and replaced with a fake eye that gave him his distinctive squint, would have been something of a gaffe, I suppose) for several years. It was revealed four years ago that he suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

Rest in peace, Columbo.